Kohsaar Academy Mansehra

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Fee Policy

Key features of our fee policy are as given below:

  1. All kind of fees shall be deposit in The bank of Khyber, Mansehra Branch.
  2. The bank has been instructed to not accept any kind of fee payments of Kohsaar Academy after fifteenth of each month.
  3. In the event of late deposit of fee. Rs. 200 surcharge shall be charged with next month's fee.
  4. No internal examination results, reports, school leaving certificate or recommendations to future schools will be issued until all dues are paid.
  5. If the outstanding fee is not paid in full or part after three reminders, child's name shall be struck off from the Academy's records and all dues shall be forfeited from the security deposit.
  6. All breakages and damages caused by students will be charged along with the Monthly Fee.
  7. Kohsaar Academy reserves the right to revise/amend the fee schedule and policy.
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