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School Unform

It is compulsory for all Kohsaar academy students to wear the Academy uniform. The uniform is available only from our approved departmental store. Please check with Office about names of these shops.

Uniform for Boys:

Gray Pent, White Shirt with a tie simple leather belt, Maroon sweater & gray coat, Gray socks with Black simple leather shoes.

Uniform for Girls

Gray skirt, White shirt, white tight socks with baby shoes for class 1 to 4th in winter and white frock & shalwar in summer. White shalwar qamiz, white socks simple black shoes, Maroon sweater & gray coat with white skarf for class 5th to 10th

Jewellery for Boys

Shall not wear any form of metal or hard material jewelleryy

Jewellery for Girls

Shall not have visible jewellery. May only wear ear studs

Note: Our uniform policy is not applicable for the pre-nursery. nursery and prep class students. They might wear any appropriate dress in school

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